Friday, September 11, 2015

Institutional Subscription to Versatile PhD

In order to support doctoral students who are exploring and preparing for careers beyond the professoriate, the Graduate School now has an institutional subscription to the premium-content version of the website The Versatile Ph.D.

Among the materials available are insightful narratives into a wide range of doctorate-friendly careers written by Ph.D.s in those careers; authentic résumés and cover letters that got Ph.D.s their first post-academic jobs, with detailed narratives describing the hiring process step by step; and inspiring first-person stories by experienced post-academics describing their career trajectories.  The website also provides networking opportunities for students to connect with successful post-academic Ph.D.s.

Accessible resources are currently aimed at students in the humanities and social sciences.  The Graduate School will collect feedback at the end of the year to see if the subscription should be renewed as well as expanded to include resources related to STEM disciplines.