Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Students Awarded the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning

Thirty-two graduate students, representing 21 disciplines across six colleges, were recognized on Friday, April 8, 2016, as recipients of the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning (GCCTL).

"The Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFF) was beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the most invaluable experiences of my graduate school career," said Lauren Gilbert, who recently earned her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and has since accepted a full-time faculty position at Belmont University. "I appreciated finding like-minded students and colleagues who were invested in the science of teaching and provided the challenge that I needed to grow as both a teacher and graduate student."

Two other graduate students have also secured full-time teaching positions. Vikas Dukhande has accepted a tenure-track position as Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at St. John's University, and Charles Hoogland obtained a contract position at Missouri State University in the Department of Psychology.

Djidjoho Akloubou, a Ph.D. student in Family Sciences from the Republic of Benin said, "As an international student, PFF especially prepared me to better understand and to better handle my experience as a teaching assistant at UK. It was also an opportunity for me to reflect on the differences between higher education in the US and in my home country. I have had valuable experiences that sharpened my skills and abilities to teach anywhere."

The GCCTL is a 12-credit hour curriculum of GS and EPE courses (Graduate School and Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation), culminating in a college teaching practicum.  Since its beginning in 2004, nearly 150 students have earned a GCCTL.  Information about the Preparing Future Faculty/GCCTL program can be found here.  

Pictured are as follows: Front (L to R): Swagata Ghosh (Biology), Djidjoho Akloubou (Family Sciences), and Amanda Westmoreland (Family Sciences); Middle (L to R): Kelly Prince (Integrated Plant and Soil Sciences), Krista Lea (Integrated Plant and Soil Sciences), Heather Norman (Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences), Kaitlyne Motl (Sociology), Natalie Myers (Rehabilitation Sciences), Lubitza Braikova (Musical Arts), Akram Jawdhari (Civil Engineering), and Jared Friesen (Sociology); Back (L to R): Dr. Morris Grubbs (Assistant Dean in the Graduate School and Co-director of the PFF/GCCTL), Carrie Osterhage (German Studies), Patrick Herald (English), Steven Capehart (Kinesiology and Health Promotion), Frank Richardson (Computer Science), Charles Hoogland (Experimental Psychology), Richard Mensah (Education Sciences), and Dr. Linda Worley (Professor of German and Co-Director of PFF/GCCTL).  Not pictured are Jonathan Chow (Experimental Psychology), Laura Croyle (Mathematics), Karmella Dolecheck (Animal and Food Sciences), Vikas Dukhande (Biochemistry Post-doc), Tatijana Fisher (Animal and Food Sciences), Ashley Fowler (Animal and Food Sciences), Lauren Gilbert (Experimental Psychology), Paul Glasser (History), Ting Gu (Computer Science), Mohammad Tariqul Islam (Computer Science), Sean Madden (Creative Writing), David Moldoff (Biology), Jaclyn Norberg (Rehabilitation Sciences), Adriana Rivera Vargus (Hispanic Studies), and Nicholas Van Dyke (Experimental Psychology).